Friday, September 5, 2008

Crinoline Ladies Doilies

I think it's about time I started showing off some of the Crinoline Ladies I have crocheted. I have about 3 or 4 more in the works and will add those pics when I have them. All the patterns for these lovely ladies were designed by the talented, wonderful Cylinda Mathews of Crochet Memories.

If you want to try any of her patterns, look to the left column of this blog for the link to Crochet Memories. You will not only get amazing, easy to follow patterns, and I do mean EASY, but you will also get service and friendliness second to none. Cylinda is so nice and helpful. She has become a very good virtual friend to me.

To see all the beauties in crinoline patterns, on the Crochet Memories menu on the left side of the page, click on "Patterns by Category", then "Crinoline Girl Doilies".

This is Sweet Pea and I plan to frame her someday.

Rose Garden given away in a Crochetville Doily Swap. I really miss her. Will just have to make another!

Another Rose Garden in Red, White & Blue for my precious friend, Vicki aka mythunderbird on Crochetville. Only instead of roses, she has stars.

That's two Rose Gardens I've given away. Gotta make one for myself for sure!

Ms Daffodil -- looking for a way to display her.

I'm finishing up the Spring Time, the Red and Purple only she's in Cream and Dusty Rose, Ms. Frost, the beautiful Spanish Senorita, gonna start the Masquerade Party Girl, have finished Christmas Angel but can't position her wings and halo just right. Someday, sigh.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweetie stole this one

Started this one for one of the grandkids, I think, and Grandpa stole it. Said it was "his colors". This is a 3SUB made with a really big hook...P I think. Next time think I'll use a smaller one. Actually, this makes a really thick, heavy blanket.

Christmas Present for 11yo Granddaughter

"Blankie" made with 2 strands of yarn (affectionately, this afghan is called a 2 SUB...SUB stands for strand ugly blanket). So, this is a 2 strand ugly blanket made with a size M or N hook...don't remember. But you can use whatever hook you like best. You can even make a 3 SUB. Got one coming up soon. Anyway, of course, granddaughter loves it cause Grandma made it for her.

Christmas Present for 12yo Grandson

For a huge Harry Potter fan! He loves his "blankie" cause Grandma made it for him.


What does it really mean to be part of a web ring? Am I supposed to do something?

I like having the pretty links on my blog. Besides, it shows you some of where my interests lie.


How on earth do I clean it up and make it more reader friendly? It just looks so jumbled up. Plus it's so far behind!!! There is just so much to type and I don't keep up with it very well. Oh, woe is me.