Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3-6 mos baby girl's dress

Progress on the dress: I've completed 35 out of 50 rows on this adorable baby girl's crocheted dress. Bought the ribbon at JoAnn's yesterday where the very helpful ladies helped me to pick it out. They really loved this one! It's white satin edged with lace with a row of pearls around the center. What do you think? Opinions, please. The clerk at Hobby Lobby thought I should just use simple yellow satin or gross grain ribbon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lovely granddaughter wearing her knitted fun fur sweater that I made for her for Christmas.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Baby's Summer Dress and Hat - Untangling Yarn!

I'm crocheting the most beautiful little summer dress and hat. It's for the new granddaughter of my friend for over 30 years. I got to the end of the 1st skein of yarn and it's all tangled up! I've been wanting to create a blog or website and at that time it just hit me. "Loopy's Tangled Yarn". I have lots and lots of tangled yarn! Now that I've created this blog and told you my little story, I must get back to untangling that yarn.

Angel Bookmark

There is a front and back to the skirt on this angel and you place the skirt over the corner of the page you want to bookmark! She's very pretty!

Granddaughter's 2006 Christmas Gift

Jacket knitted with fun fur.