Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I just applied to be a member of the Village Swappers Web Ring so I'm gonna need to be more active in my blogging, I suppose. Village Swappers is composed of members who participate in swaps. I'm participating in my first swap right now, the Notions Swap, which ends May 20.

I have been having a wonderful time getting various notions together for my partner, Donna, and she says she's having a ball with it, too. What we do is fill out an information sheet and let our swap partner know the notions that we would like to have, plus any kind of treats. Man, that girl recently bought the MOTHERLODE of yarn, patterns, crochet and knitting stuff and who knows what else at a garage sale for $20! (Hee Hee! I think I'm gonna get some of that stuff...well I know I am...she already told me she threw in some spools of ribbon for me...ribbon was on my list.)

Tomorrow I plan to sign up for the summer round of Secret Pals. I can't wait and hope I get in...there's a limit to the number of participants...1st come, 1st serve, I think. I've got to set up an anonymous email account so I'll be able to email my partner!

So much to do and just not enough time! I don't know when I'll get any crocheting done!

Oh, I also signed up for the doily swap!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Crochet Memories Pattern by Cylinda Mathews
Sweet Pea Crinoline Doily