Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweetie stole this one

Started this one for one of the grandkids, I think, and Grandpa stole it. Said it was "his colors". This is a 3SUB made with a really big hook...P I think. Next time think I'll use a smaller one. Actually, this makes a really thick, heavy blanket.

Christmas Present for 11yo Granddaughter

"Blankie" made with 2 strands of yarn (affectionately, this afghan is called a 2 SUB...SUB stands for strand ugly blanket). So, this is a 2 strand ugly blanket made with a size M or N hook...don't remember. But you can use whatever hook you like best. You can even make a 3 SUB. Got one coming up soon. Anyway, of course, granddaughter loves it cause Grandma made it for her.

Christmas Present for 12yo Grandson

For a huge Harry Potter fan! He loves his "blankie" cause Grandma made it for him.


What does it really mean to be part of a web ring? Am I supposed to do something?

I like having the pretty links on my blog. Besides, it shows you some of where my interests lie.


How on earth do I clean it up and make it more reader friendly? It just looks so jumbled up. Plus it's so far behind!!! There is just so much to type and I don't keep up with it very well. Oh, woe is me.