Thursday, September 6, 2007

Traveling Hook II...Hooking for a Cure

These crocheted afghan squares will become a part of, hopefully what will be, many afghans. The afghans will be put up for auction at some time in the future and all the auction proceeds will be given to the American Cancer Society to aid in research for cancer cures. I am one volunteer out of a number of volunteers who are members of an online forum for crocheters and knitters. This forum is called
  1. "Queen Anne's Lace", Lime Green for Lymphoma, In Memory of my Mother
  2. "Sunray", Pink for Breast Cancer, In Memory of Judy Johnson, a co-worker
  3. "Sunshine Lace", Pink for Breast Cancer, In Memory of a Middle School English Teacher
  4. "Lemon Peel", Pink for Breast Cancer, In Honor of Georgeanne DeVries, a Survivor
  5. "Eternity Squared", Burgundy and White for Multiple Myeloma and Head and Neck Cancers
  6. "Eternity Squared", Orange for Leukemia


vicki said...

jeannie those squares are beautiful i would join but am working on putting together a comfortghan for my niece who was robbed almost have enough squares now so am getting ready to put it together. maybe after i am done i can help or maybe next time i miss not chatting with you sweetie eep in touch if ya caan hope all is well with your family love ya hon

knitphomaniac said...

superb dishcloths :)

As far as the scrubbies - when pattern reads to crochet last sc to 1st, it means join the last sc to the one you made in the first row. What you're doing is forming a tube to stitch the diagonal peice closed, so you'll be joining/seaming the first row you made to the last row.

I know it's a bit confusing, it took me a while to figure it out too! :)